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RIP Pepper | Technology in focus

RIP Pepper |  Technology in focus

The death blow has come for the social robot Pepper which so far has given a face to all household robots. The robot that since it was launched many years ago has helped many people get someone to talk to. By talking to the robot, it could sense the tone of voice and thus determine whether humans needed to be refreshed or not.

Picture credit: Softbank

When I wrote about the robot in 2015 then the first copies had sold out in under a minute (!). But now the owner, Softbank Robotics, has chosen to shut down production of Pepper for good. Of course, the factories have stopped producing the robot already last year, but perhaps there were hopes of getting started again until recently when Softbank really caught up. It is simply too expensive to start production again. Let’s see if they might live on in some way, otherwise we can happily put it in the long-term memory as one of the first robots that would mimic human behavior.

Picture credit: Softbank

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