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Russia will pre-install apps on iPhone from April

Russia will pre-install apps on iPhone from April
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In the future, iPhones purchased in Russia will be preinstalled by default with various apps selected by the Russian government. This step is an attempt to gain even more extensive control over the communication and information needs of Russian citizens. Apple had initially indicated resistance to the measure.

Apple bends over to you new lawwhich will soon come into force in Russia. It stipulates that certain apps should be preinstalled on every iPhone that is shipped. The first indications of these plans appeared at the end of last year.
It is now also clear how the implementation takes place.
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When initially setting up an iPhone, users are suggested numerous apps that should be installed later. These include apps from areas such as web browsers, messengers, e-mail or anti-malware. Officially, Russia would like to strengthen the competitiveness of Russian service operators with this step, but in fact it should be clear that in this way, apps that correspond to its own political agenda, for example by offering users no real privacy or secure encryption, can also be used on as many iPhones as possible want to bring.

Users can also deselect and delete apps

Still, there is good news: iPhone users can also deselect the suggested apps. Like other third-party apps, they can also be deleted from the iPhone after installation. The legitimate hope is that many users will use the proposed apps without question.

The list of pre-installed applications is maintained by the Russian government. Apple had previously given the opportunity to withdraw from the Russian market, but did not want to take this step in the end.

The new law will come into force in April.

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