Samsung releases two new shaft vacuum cleaners

Samsung Jet 75

Samsung does not feel finished with shaft vacuum cleaners and has now launched two new models that are new versions of previous vacuum cleaners in general.

Samsung released two shaft vacuum cleaners in 2020, which were Jet 90 and Jet 70. Now it’s time again and this time Samsung is simply releasing new versions of these two vacuum cleaners.

Jet 75 should be a slightly cheaper variant of Jet 90, the price tag on the new Jet 75 is approximately SEK 6,000, which is approximately SEK 1,500 less than Jet 90.

Jet 65 is a cheaper variant of Jet 70 that has no LCD display at all but has the same suction power but at a lower price. Jet 65 costs around SEK 4,500 while Jet 70 costs SEK 5,000.

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