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Send files & text encrypted with Bitwarden – new feature

The password manager Bitwarden has been updated with support for securely sharing encrypted text and files. The function is called “Send” and it allows you to share files of up to 100MB to, for example, family and friends.

When using Send, you upload your file or text to Bitward’s servers. Everything is saved properly encrypted with AES-256. You will then receive a link to your encrypted data that can be shared with the recipient.

Remember that you must be logged in to your account to be able to send. Log in to your account, click on Bitwarden Send and you should get a screen similar to the image below.

When using Bitwarden Send, select a file option, and enter a text. Note that the text is completely unformatted; if you want to send something advanced, you must create a document in, for example, Word or Pages and attach it instead.

You can set how long the information will be accessible to the recipient, from 1 hour until 31 December 2041. So there is a lot of space then.

Furthermore, you can set how many times the text or file can be accessed by the recipient. For example, you can send a one-time text that can only be viewed once, then the link stops working and the content is deleted from Bitward’s servers.

And of course you can set a password if you want, as well as write notes that are only seen by you as the sender (so it is not something the recipient takes part of).

Note that Bitwarden Send only works in the browser. You can NOT use the mobile app or browser add-on for this feature. At least not at the time of writing.

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