Serious consequences for children of corona policy

The hard one coronary depression is expected to lead to serious consequences for children and younger generations for a long time to come. Researchers point to, among other things, increased poverty, stress and illness for a long time to come – as a result of the shutdown policy.

Anne Sjögren is an associate professor of economics and is the editor of a report in which several researchers compiled the results “on the situation of children during crises from the fetal stage to working life”. They conclude that the extensive coronary restrictions will affect children not only now – but throughout their upbringing.

– If you are to summarize the conclusions, you can say that the consequences of the pandemic are unequal.
It increases the social differences between children and young people with different conditions
, she says TT.

Initially, children are affected by stress, illness and fear in the mother’s womb – something that makes their conditions worse from birth.

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