Slack starts the new year with massive downtime

Slack Logo - Slack
Slack Logo - Slack

New year, new failures: the first working day of the year began in many offices and home offices with unpleasant communication problems. The business messenger Slack has been showing clear failures throughout the day that have still not been fully resolved.

The new year is not yet a week old, but it is already having the first major failure of an online service. This time it got Slack, a solution that provides messaging, conferences and file storage for groups and can be flexibly expanded through interfaces to many popular services such as Skype or Dropbox. Slack is mainly used in a business environment, including by WakeUp Media, which Apfelpage.
de operates. Most Slack customers have paid plans, so today’s outage is doubly annoying for the company.

News and channels cannot be loaded

Far-reaching failures in Slack have been evident since the morning: For example, newer messages can no longer be loaded into channels, and the same applies to private messages. Slack has the problem in the meantime recognized, on its status page, the company declares that it is working on an investigation and troubleshooting.

At the moment the error does not seem to be found. This is the first major outage since the acquisition of Slack: The service was recently acquired by enterprise software specialist Salesforce for the proud sum of $ 27.5 billion.

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