You Must Know About Double Glued Side Wall Tray And Sleeve Packaging

Sleeve boxes are using for several kinds of products, from apparel and cosmetics to food and gift items. Their vast range of usage is because of the features in which they come. They allow manufacturers to personalize and customize them into different shapes and designs. If you are looking out for packaging solutions that can maintain the appearance and protection of your valuable products at the same time, these are the perfect solutions for you. They come with a spacious adjustable tray that can easily hold your product during delivery and shipment.
Learn the exciting features that make them unique.

Help You To Stand Out

Competition in the market among manufacturers is growing massively. Every business is thinking about making a product or presentation in a way that can be different from other top-rated rivals. This is why manufacturers are in need of solutions like custom sleeve boxes. Amazing features, attractive display, enhance protection, and several options for personalization are the reasons why they can help you to stand out in your market. They are well known in the market for their appealing shapes and spacious designs. With these aesthetic designs, you can easily make positive impressions on your consumers. Whether you are selling a small gift item or a bakery product, these boxes will help you to maintain your brand image in front of your customers.

Budget Maintaining Solutions

In general, a packaging solution that contains so many advantageous features will surely be of high-value cost. But the same cannot be said for the sleeve box. These packages provide all of their benefits while remaining within a reasonable and affordable budget. The main reasons why they are so cost-saving are their manufacturing of paper materials like cardboard, kraft, and bux board. These materials are commonly available in the market at cheap rates. So you do not have to invest a lot of money while getting them in bulk amounts. By getting them at low prices, you can easily save more money for the maintenance of your product quality. Their low prices allow you to get them in bulk amounts and keep your stocks full of urgent orders always.

Strong And Durable

Protection is not a thing on which you can make compromises easily when you have a brand reputation to maintain. Sleeve packages come with a durable tray and a glued holing that will ensure your customer a safe and sound delivery of their purchased product. Production materials like cardboard and kraft papers are the main reason behind the durability of these boxes. They are spacious enough so you can easily place more than one item inside them protectively. The protection that they provide to valuable products is the reason why manufacturers from almost every product category are relying on them. The protective medium that they build for your items makes you able to grab your customer trust without any hard efforts.

Graceful Product Display

The display of your product tells customers about its worth. It is why it is necessary to keep choosing attractive packaging at the top of your priority list. These packages are available in the market in several customizable shapes and designs that can help you to put an appealing and enticing impact on your audience. You can print inspiring and graceful layouts, textures, themes, and styles on them according to the requirement of your product.
They give you the most effective and astonishing display results if you utilize printing techniques like offset and digital. You can get them in several shapes like a die-cut window and double side opens design. You can customize their sides according to the shape and size of your product to have a distinctive impact on the eyes of customers. In short, with these boxes, you can send the concern of having versatility in your business away.


You cannot take the risk of utilizing hazardous packaging solutions like plastic when you have to maintain the reputation of your brand in front of your customers. Sustainability packaging has become one of the basic needs of every product manufacturing business. Sleeve packages are, in this regard, can be your huge aid. They are manufacturing by the utilization of natural and organic materials like cardboard and kraft papers. Because of these papers, they are highly recyclable and reusable, so you can remanufacture them to create more boxes. Their organic and renewable manufacturing materials are the reason why they are biodegradable and do not cause any kind of land pollution. With their recyclability and eco-friendliness, you can reduce the massive use of plastic and create a better reputation for your brand.

Brand Identification

You can find several marketing tools in the market that you can use to gain a promotion for your brand. But you will not find any technique that is more reliable and long-lasting than your sleeve packaging. You can get them printed with your brand logo and make a unique presentation of your brand. They can be your brand ambassador by holding all of your brand and product information on their surface. Spending money on social media marketing and promotional ads can be overwhelming for your business in so many ways. No other promotional tool will give you an option to expand your business in the international market. But with these boxes, you can easily make the details of your brand prominent in your target and overseas market. All you need to get an effective technique from which you can make your brand information printed on these packages.

Sleeve boxes and double glued side wall tray have proven their worth in almost every product and packaging industry. It is why now manufacturers are utilizing them to make perfect display or presentation of their products. With all of these above-mentioned features and capabilities, you will surely do not need any other marketing tools or business strategy beside them.

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