Small iMac only available with limited memory configurations

Two new iMacs for 2021?

Apple is making further preparations for launching a new iMac, it seems. In this context, the configuration options for the memory configuration of the iMac with 21.5 inches have been restricted. An iMac with an Apple silicon chip is expected this year.

Apple has changed the configuration options for the iMac (Affiliate link). The 21.5-inch iMac can no longer be ordered with an SSD with 512 GB or one TB. Instead, only the variants with a 256 GB SSD or a TB Fusion Drive are available. The 21.5-inch iMac was last updated in 2019 when it received the eighth generation Intel Core processors. He is now clearly no longer up to date.

Apple should bring a new iMac with Apple Silicon in 2021

Previously, Apple had already finally stopped selling the iMac Pro, as we did yesterday in a further message had reported. This sales stop came with advance notice. Apple to prepare the launch of a new iMac, reported. In addition to a new design, the first external refreshment in over ten years, the iMac will also receive Apple’s new Apple silicon processors. Like us in a further message reported, iMacs with a suspected M-Series chip were recently spotted in log files. It is unclear when the new models will hit the market. A presentation would be possible as part of a keynote in autumn. A launch in summer is also not ruled out.

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