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Smart home appliances for an easier life

Smart home appliances for an easier life

Once upon a time, there was a saying that said there’s an app for anything. But nowadays, it is practically redundant. Almost every piece of modern appliance comes with an app to control, monitor and communicate with you. Appliances don’t need to be only useful anymore, but smart, as well. This added functionality has become the norm with almost all of them, and is slowly but surely becoming commonplace and mundane.

It is easy to get lost in the endless sea of technological advances and breakthroughs, as you may be under the impression that they are coming out at a break-neck pace. And you would probably be right. Fret not, for we are here to offer a bit of insight and condensed info to help you pick the best option for your haven. Room by room and in no particular order, here they are.

1. The Kitchen

How many times were you out shopping and forgot a list or maybe you even didn’t put something on it? Smart fridges can remind you of some of the products that should always be present, the expiration date, temperature and other vital information regarding groceries. You can also control its workflow and adjust the settings to your needs without leaving the comfort of your chair via a simple mobile app. The same goes for automated microwaves and even your oven.
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Pressure cookers are also not left out. Gone are the days when a recipe says to boil something to an X degree and you are left to freestyle it. Controlling the temperature to be just right and making sure your meals are cooked optimally comes easy with smart cooking appliances like pressure cookers and similar.

2. House temperature control

AC can be used for heating and cooling down, or any other system that you have in place can be programmed and adjusted to match the weather and your individual needs. A simple thermostat that was once programable is now also connected to your phone as well and, you can adjust the settings from there as well. One thing to note here is that you also have the option to install air purifiers for the kitchen, and you can keep those nasty smells outside. The same goes for lights as they also produce heat and consume electricity. You can save on your bills and keep the place cool with lights that can be programmed to go on or off at a set time. Or they can be motion-controlled and only be active once you are inside a room. In any case, this small investment more than pays for itself in the long run.

3. Front entrance lighting and security

We all want to come home and be greeted by a warm welcome. Motion detected lights or time-controlled ones are best suited for this. They can double down as a security addition to your front porch cameras that help safeguard your home. One thing to note here, and it goes without saying, is that safety comes first. All of the appliances that we mention, and will mention, need to be maintained to the best condition possible. Then they can operate and perform sufficiently. Professional and experienced home appliance repair and maintenance are done by licensed professionals only. Such operations serve to add to the overall safety of your house.
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To add to your home safety, you can put

4. Recharge stations

With all those gadgets and gizmos lying around, you cannot have enough sockets to make them all go. It may seem like something is always plugged anywhere, but with powerful chargers available, one socket can fill plenty of electronic devices at the same time. In any case, anything is better than one at a time.

5. Clean up duty.

While Roombas are nothing new anymore, and imagine how futuristic that sounds, there are also automated mops. Yes, some rumbas have this built-in as well, but nothing can match a high tech, automated mop. It may sound silly at first but, they are fully cordless, have rechargeable batteries and can double down as vacuum cleaners. You can connect them to your home Alexa or Google and have them perform with only your voice. The future is here, and it revolutionizes everything.

6. Automated pet care

We all love our bundles of joy. In any shape and size, they are our precious family members. With that being said, there are times when we simply cannot be asked, or are overwhelmed by other tasks, to feed, change their water and other mundane task. Luckily, technology has our backs here, and there are automated feeders available.

You can program the time and amount of the food that they can dispense, and there are also versions with liquids available. Installing cameras into and around their houses can let you know where they are at all times. Some collars even come with this function. If you don’t want to go thru the hassle of these things, you can always microchip your pet and then, with a practical GPS tracking app, you can know where they are at all times.

7. Yard care

Watering and keeping a watchful eye over your yard at all times is energy and time-consuming. Luckily, you can automate these tasks and enjoy your free time. Sprinklers and drip hoses can be made to provide just enough water to your plants and waste none, saving you a pretty penny along the way. With such a setup you can admire your beautiful garden from the comfort of your home and stroll thru your beautiful flowers. Being smart and delegating the menial work to machines is the way of the future.

All things said it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of info that’s out there. Getting started is the best step to take as you will notice a considerable change. Any difference that you make is better than none, so bit by bit, and, you will get into the gist of things. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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