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After LBB recently made an important step in terms of Apple Pay, American Express has now followed suit. The Payback credit cards, which also belong to Amex, can now also be used with Apple Pay. Only very few large banks remain outside.

Apple Pay can welcome another partner to the list of supported payment cards. Payback credit cards have recently been supported by the payment service from Cupertino. Payback has offered various credit card products over the years; the Visa Flex card, for example, is currently being marketed. Payback is already on the list of cards available for selection in the wallet, and you can set it up directly there.

Only a few German banks are still missing from Apple Pay

Payback has long been part of American Express. Their cards were among the launch partners of Apple Pay in Germany, the free Payback American Express card could also be used with Apple Pay for a long time, and now the other credit cards are being added. Landesbank Berlin AG had previously activated support for Apple Pay on the ADAC credit card, reported. The Amazon Prime Visa card is still missing. The bank only replies to corresponding inquiries from us with unspecific and unhelpful statements, but there is hope for an early start.

Postbank also remains outside of Apple Pay; when something happens here is completely open.

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