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So popular is the Swedish hit game Valheim – fourth most played on Steam

Valheim is a really successful game and the fourth most popular game on Steam right now; at least in terms of the number of concurrent players.

On February 7, Valheim reached as many as 130,000 concurrent players according to Steam. That is more than both Grand Theft Auto V and Rocket League – big players who have built a large crowd of players over a long period of time.

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Valheim is developed by the Swedish game studio Iron Gate Studio and was released as an Early Access title on 2 February. Early Access means that the game is not finished, but anyone who wants can buy the game and try the unfinished version.

And there are extremely many who do just that. 170,000 players are not to be missed and you can think about how such a rudimentarily designed game got so many players. What’s really going on?

If you ask the creator of both Valheim and Iron Gates, Richard Svensson, the game may have the prevailing pandemic to thank for it.

In a press release, Richard Svensson says the following:

“Valheim is a collaborative game about exploring a large, colorful world with few borders that were released during a global pandemic when many are trapped and unable to meet friends and family. Hopefully the opportunity to be killed by a troll together can make them feel a little better. ”

To play Valheim, it is enough that you drive yourself in your world, but it will be the most fun with three or more people collaborating.

Right now, there are only a few animals and building blocks to use to create things in the game. But Richard Svensson promises many updates in the future that will improve all parts of Valheim.

In addition to passing more than 100,000 simultaneous players on Steam, Valheim has reached another magical limit; 1 million copies sold in just one week. We want to mean a fantastic achievement and hopefully a guarantee that the game’s development will be driven forward at a fast pace.

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