Sonos launches the ultra-portable Roam speaker on April 20

Sonos launches the ultra-portable Roam speaker on April 20

It was probably mostly a question of when, rather than whether, Sonos would launch a really portable speaker. Now we know that the answer to that question is April 20, 2021.

It has long (really long even) been speculated back and forth about when Sonos would hop on the train with smaller, portable speakers. An area that has been flooded with both good and really bad speakers over the years. Sonos as you know, sniffed at the format a few years ago with his Move. Despite Bluetooth and battery operation where and when Move however, quite far from a speaker you take with you everywhere. Mainly due to the size and weight.

But now have Sonos thus confirmed that they will release their on April 20 Roam, as the speaker is called. The basic idea is simplicity where everything from getting started to moving the speaker between the home Wi-Ficonnection and the telephone Bluetooth should work sleeplessly and without interference.

To this adds Sonos water resistance in the form of IP67rating, 10 hours battery life and charging via either USB-C or via optional Qi-charger. One Sonos-produced Qicharger specifically designed for Roam is available for purchase as an extra accessory.

Sonos Qi Charger - Roam
In connection with Roam, Sonos is launching its own Qi charger intended for the speaker. However, this does not come with the purchase of the speaker, but becomes an extra investment.

Apart from portability, it is, unsurprisingly, sound that is the main focus of Roam. According to Sonos themselves, it sounds like there are not many speakers with similar dimensions that beat Roam on the fingers. Something that will be very exciting to put to the test in the future.

Physically reminiscent Roam about a compressed One where the weight is specified at a fairly portable 0.43 kg together with an outer dimension of 168 x 62 x 60 mm. A fun detail compared to Move is that too Roam become gifted with Sonos automatic TruePlay-technique. Something that makes the speaker itself feel the area around it and adjust the sound accordingly to sound as good as possible. Of course is Roam also compatible with Sonos other speakers and echo range with all that entails.

A completely new function that is introduced with Roam is called Swap. This aims to send the sound directly to the next other person via a push of a button on the speaker Sonos-speaker.

Sonos Roam - Waterproof - Wi-Fi - Bluetooth
The IP67 rating means that Roam can swim in 1 meter deep water for 30 minutes. Maybe nothing to expose it to daily. But a nice detail about the accident would still be there.

Sonos Roam will be released on April 20 this year in a white and a black variant and with a price of SEK 1999. You will of course find a test of the speaker here as soon as the review copy has arrived.

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