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Sony releases “new” Playstation 5 Digital Edition


Sony is starting to sell a new variant of the Playstation 5 Digital Edition in Japan. The new game console is almost identical to all other Digital Editions sold worldwide, but it differs in a two small points.

  • The weight has decreased and grooves on the screw to the support
  • Identical performance with all other PS5s
  • It is unclear whether the variant will reach the Swedish market

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The weight of the Playstation 5 has been reduced by 300 grams

We say it here before you read on. The new variant is almost completely identical to the one sold on the Swedish market and if you already have a Playstation 5 console at home, you do not need to think so much. The performance is identical between all models, versions and variants.

With that out of the way – what’s really new about the new Playstation 5 Digital Edition?

The answer is that the weight has decreased by about 300 grams and the small screw that holds the extra plate in place has a ribbed side at the head for better grip. Hardly any groundbreaking or uplifting improvements then. So as we wrote above, almost completely identical.

So why has Sony reduced the weight and what’s the matter with the screw?

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May be an attempt to increase margins on Playstation 5

In fact, we do not know. Sony has not officially confirmed anything and it is speculated that the company has reduced the weight by reducing the need for resources when the Playstation 5 console is manufactured. All to increase the margins of the popular model.

The fact that Sony has improved the small screw with a knurled grip is welcome news for the only time you actually use it.

What do you think of the little screw? Did you have as much trouble finding it (without checking the manual) as we did?


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