Sort a Spotify playlist in reverse order (iPhone and Android)


Did you know that it is possible to play the most recently added songs first even in the mobile versions of Spotify? This is how you do it to avoid listening to the same old music over and over again.

As a rule, the reason why you add new songs to a playlist is because you want to listen to them again soon. Therefore, it is quite annoying that the playlists in Spotify by default, sorted so that the last added song is placed at the bottom. Something that is not good at all the times you want to start listening to the newest material in your playlist, instead of the oldest (which is then at the top).

Thankfully, there is actually the opportunity to also at iPhone and Android, just like in the desktop variant of Spotify, sort a playlist in slightly different ways. Among other things, so the newest songs end up at the top.
Finding the setting, however, is unnecessarily cumbersome.

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Play the latest songs first in Spotify on iPhone and Android

  1. To change the playlist of any playlist, start by opening Spotifyapp in your iPhone– or Androidphone and navigate to the playlist in question. Tap the screen and scroll up (drag your finger down) to expose a secret, small menu at the top. Tap the button Filter in the new menu.
  2. In the sort options displayed, select newly added to sort the playlist in reverse order (the newest songs first). You can also choose to sort by Song title, Artist and Album.

Search for a song in a Spotify playlist on iPhone and Android

In the “secret” field at the top there is also the possibility to search for specific songs in a particular playlist. Just scroll up again to bring up the menu and tap the text Find in playlist to open the search.

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