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Spotify HiFi – high definition music in lossless CD quality (video)

Spotify HiFi is a new subscription level that offers high-resolution music in lossless CD quality. A big step above the highest level today with sound quality in 320kbps.

The news about the new subscription level Spotify HiFi was presented during the online event Stream On. The launch of the level will take place later in 2021 and is supported, among other things, by speakers compatible with Spotify Connect.

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Spotify has tried to offer high-resolution sound before, but this is the first time the music service is seriously dipping its toes into music with really high sound quality.

Even though Spotify HiFi sounds good right now, we lack a lot of information about the subscription level. For example, we do not know how much the monthly cost lands on or which markets get the HiFi level.

Spotify has said that only selected markets get the highest sound quality, and it is unclear whether Sweden is part of the unique crowd that is covered.And

So how much can Spotify HiFi cost?

The basic offer on Spotify costs SEK 109. The competitor Tidal has a HiFi alternative for SEK 199 with sound quality in 1,411Kbps, and a Master level with sound quality up to extreme 9,216Kbps for SEK 279 per month.

It is conceivable that Spotify invests around SEK 200 a month to be competitive with Tidal. We have a hard time seeing a much higher price tag than that.

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