Spotify on the go with high definition audio

Spotify on the go with high definition audio

Spotify has now announced that they will offer Spotify HIFI later this year, which is a high-resolution version of the service, but who can use it?

It took Spotify 15 years to finally release high-resolution audio, something they chose to call Spotify HIFI. This means that you will offer music in “CD quality”, which means a format that is lossless, ie the best possible quality.

However, Spotify HIFI will initially only come to selected markets, we will find out exactly which they are later this year.
HIFI will also demand Premium as it looks now, whether it will cost extra or more we do not know at the moment.

To be able to take part in Spotify HIFI, you must have speakers that have Spotify Connect, there are still many question marks, but we will definitely get answers to these as the launch approaches, whenever it is.

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