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Steam Deck is not compatible with all games from the start


Steam Deck is not compatible with all games when the handheld console is released. Valve is working to increase compatibility, but not all of your favorite games will ever work.

  • Steam Deck does not work properly with anti-cheating software
  • Uses emulation software to run Windows games
  • Valve is working to make more games executable on Steam Deck

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Steam Deck uses Linux instead of Windows

Steam Deck uses the SteamOS operating system, which basically uses Linux.

There are not many games for Linux on Steam, so Valve uses the Proton software that makes Windows programs and games work in SteamOS.

The solution is not as good as running the games directly on Windows, but it does at least increase the list of compatible games significantly. However, there is a big problem that Valve has not solved – yet.
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And that’s how anti – cheating programs work. Or rather, how they can not work.

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Nearly half of Steam’s 10 most popular games are incompatible

Steam Deck is reportedly not compatible with half of the ten most popular games on Steam right now.

The reason is that they use anti-cheating programs that do not work properly on SteamOS. And for them to work, Valve must work with game developers to find solutions, game by game.

Here are four popular games that are not working right now:

Valve says that Steam Deck will be shipped with a newer version of SteamOS and that the Proton software will be improved in the future. The goal is better compatibility with many games and a smoother experience for the players.


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