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Subscribe to Final Cut Pro – soon it may be possible

Would you rather pay monthly or yearly to use Final Cut Pro rather than pay a fixed one-time cost? Then maybe you are lucky – there are indications that a subscription model is underway.

  • Plans are revealed by new trademark protection
  • The protection includes both software and platform as a service
  • It is unclear when Apple can officially offer the subscription
  • No price indications today

It is the website Patently Apple that first noticed that Apple wants to expand the trademark protection for Final Cut Pro in the European market.

The new application includes both “software as a service” and “platform as a service”, or just short SaaS and PaaS. This is a clear indication that Final Cut Pro may have a subscription model in the future.

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Today you can buy Final Cut Pro at a fixed cost of SEK 3,695. Then there is the extra cost if you want different supplements.

It is generally more lucrative for the developer, or in this case Apple, to offer software as a subscription instead of having a fixed cost. Many small developers have switched to subscription, in some cases with very negative criticism as a result because many do not like it.

In order for Apple to justify (not because they ever try to justify how they price their products or services) the change, the chance is that they add something beyond the software itself to entice existing owners to stay.

It can be various, free (well, you pay via the subscription) supplements or guides.

It is unclear how much the subscription model will cost and when it will be available. It is also unclear how Apple intends to handle all its existing users, not least as many are business users.

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