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Suunto releases Suunto 9 Peak

Suunto 9 Peak
Suunto 9 Peak will be launched soon. It is the Finnish manufacturer’s smallest, lightest and most durable smartwatch to date.

Suuntos upcoming smartwatch is a round sports model with up to 170 hours of battery life in GPS mode. When you need to charge, one hour should be enough to fully charge the battery.

The new watch of course has a heart rate monitor, but also a built-in measurement of oxygen saturation in the blood. However, Suunto is careful to point out that the watch should not be used for checking medical conditions.

Based on 9 Baro

The manufacturer describes the Suunto 9 Peak as a “flagship model” with a Scandinavian design. The watch is based on an earlier model in the company’s 9 series called Baro, but is both thinner, lighter and more durable. It has also been fitted with a new bracelet which is said to be more comfortable than before.

Like the Baro, the Suunto 9 Peak is a training watch loaded with 80 different sport modes. Of course, we find both hiking and running in the list, but also swimming, cycling and much more.
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It can also record sleep, stress, everyday activity and recovery.

Exercise watch that works with offline maps

suuntoapp suunto 9 peak training load 01
The watch is managed via a mobile app. Photo: Suunto

The watch can be managed via a mobile app where the user can, among other things, plan routes and then transfer them to the watch for offline navigation. Bluetooth 5 should make synchronization faster than before.

The new model will be released in stores at the end of June. The price tag is said to be just under SEK 7,000 for the Titanium model and SEK 5,700 for the slightly simpler model called Steel.
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Measure 43 x 43 x 10.6 mm
Weight 52 g
Material in frame: Titan of “grade 5”
Materials in glass: Sapphire crystal
Material in case: Class 5 titanium, fiberglass-reinforced polyamide
Material in bracelet: Silicone
Waterproof 100 m

Do you have experience with Suunto’s smart watches or any competitor? Feel free to comment below.

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