Tech Essay writing editing tools for students

Tech Essay writing editing tools for students

The advancement of technology, which enables students to take classes and complete almost any activity from the comfort of their homes, is one of the best things to have ever happened to education. Thanks to this progress, even academic writing, one of the main issues students face, is now solved. Suppose you are asking yourself who can edit my essay for me. Don’t as we have an expert for you.

Additionally, many people would hire a professional essay writer instead of trying to produce an excellent essay themselves because it’s not as easy as the instructions make it appear. Technology has happily made essay writing easier because of the range of tools that are available to everyone. Consequently, if you decide to handle writing-related concerns independently rather than hiring a third party, here are a few software solutions to help you.

Essay Map

Using this tool, you can draft an essay outline. Even though it is written for school-aged students rather than scholars planning to attend college, its entire organization is sound. It helps you create a map of your key ideas, which you can then use to format your essay. Despite its drawbacks, the basic structure is the same as the conventional essay outline. The leading five checkpoints are the introduction, ideas 1–2, and ideas 3 and conclusion. You can add three essential points for each of these ideas.


NewseumED is a cultural and historical database for both students and teachers. It’s an excellent resource for research papers on American history because it allows students to look through digital artifacts from specific periods, like old photographs and newspaper clippings. This website is helpful for social studies, history, and English classes because most of the content there deals with politics, the government, and civil rights. Among the materials accessible to teachers to use in support of their topics are lesson plans and complete courses. This website’s content is meant to supplement some of the subjects currently taught in schools regularly. It provides modern examples that make history more relatable and relevant for students in the twenty-first century.

Simple note

Some people might have difficulty brainstorming because they don’t have many ideas. However, even unimportant and seemingly uncomplicated ideas have the power to become impressive. For this, you will require an essay program that is simple to use on smartphones or other electronic devices. Essay writing is possible with the free app Simplenote. The note-taking app is uncomplicated, understated, and simple to operate. Any thoughts you have, no matter how simple or complex, can be written down using this. For example, you might want to write down an idea for your next book or poetry straight quickly, so you don’t forget it later. The backup option allows you to keep track of your preview notes.


According to authors and editors, Grammarly is many students’ most superb essay writing application. You may check all your work for faults using this free tool, including numerous style issues that could hurt the overall impact of your essay. The primary goal of Grammarly is to correct numerous mistakes. This application highlights errors in red so you can see them when errors are found. For most students, missing commas must be highlighted in addition to spelling problems. Without peeping, any minor flaws can be identified.

Plagiarism Checkers

It would be best to avoid plagiarism at all costs when writing academically. Unless you intend to cite the source, nothing from the internet should ever be copied and pasted. Occasionally, we plagiarize without realizing it; therefore, plagiarism checkers are intended to help us be more thorough. Every aspect of your work is tested for plagiarism, and any places where you might have taken someone else’s ideas or used their words without their permission are noted. Although numerous checkers are available for free, subscription-based checkers are more valuable. Frequently, there are limitations on how often you can use the free tools or how many words you may scan at once.

Voice dictation

Thanks to developments in voice recognition technology, users may now complete essays using just their voice. It should go without saying that the voice dictation feature is crucial for those who are unable to use a computer. The tool can be helpful even if you’re just a college student with a lot on your mind. After all, not everyone enjoys creating complex mental maps using note-taking software. One of the many options for working is to speak aloud when ideas come to you. The application assists you in writing outstanding essays without following a predetermined process or structure. It also helps you save time. Voice-type the whole thing; any last-minute changes can be done later.


Quill is a comprehensive writing tool that supports grammar, revisions, and courses for children in upper elementary, middle, and high school. While writing essays and reports, students can utilize the link tool to identify run-on and fractured phrases, and the proofreader and grammar tools are helpful. Students can get useful writing help in real-time by obtaining prompt feedback on their writing. Using Quill’s lessons feature, teachers can direct education for the entire class and smaller groups. The writing exercises, discussion topics, and independent follow-up writing tasks in Quill courses are designed to help students retain what they have learned. The diagnostics function Quill gives allows teachers to know what their students need to work on.


BoomWriter integrates composition and gamification. BoomWriter is a platform that facilitates anonymous sharing, feedback, and voting for elementary, middle, and high school students. Students can earn points for customizing their app avatar by actively reviewing and sharing their work. This generates healthy competition, which motivates children to continue writing and pursue perfection. The teacher program also offers a complete picture of student achievement in writing, grammar, and vocabulary.


For students like you, there are a variety of internet resources and software for writing essays available. Developers are constructing and enhancing these services for you because they know the demand for effective and practical technology. 

Despite your best efforts, there will always be mistakes you’ll make as a human, so you should use a writing tool to polish your content. These tools have many uses; some are expensive (a few dollars), but they are valuable. Consequently, purchase any academic writing tool to make the essay-writing procedure easier. All these technologies will only be helpful if you contribute.

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