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Common with spam on FaceTime – wave of unwanted calls


Unknown people calling late at night via FaceTime. Does it feel familiar? You are not alone in getting these calls – there are many who report spam calls, and they are hard to stop.

In some cases, it is about twenty calls the same night for some users. And there is no good way to stop the conversations. Anyone who blocks a number is quickly called by a new one.

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It is possible to block number by number, but when you get 20-30 calls shortly after each other, it becomes difficult to keep up. And not least very annoying. It is not possible to block FaceTime from unknown callers.

Those who call the spam calls have reportedly called up to 31 people at the same time.

“I got my first facetime spam starting 4 days ago. It has been non-stop, over 300 numbers blocked so far. My 3 year old daughter has been accidentally answering them and going on video without a t-shirt on. ” – writes a user on Apple’s official forum

And that’s a big part of the problem. When a call recipient calls back after a missed call, it is not a number that receives the call, but everyone who is in the group call.

The only way to get around the problem of spam calls is to turn off FaceTime completely.

Right now, there are lots of threads on Apple’s official forum where the problem with FaceTime calls is described. And it seems that Apple is far from a solution. The victim risks having to put up with the nuisance for several months in the worst case.


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