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Oculus Quest 2 is famously known for its reliability in VR headsets. If you have been using it for some time, you might have experienced its controllers running low on batteries which can result in dying controllers unexpectedly, which is intensely annoying.

Since one of the most remarkable features of this headset is hand tracking, which is rarely available in other headsets, making it the most wanted feature for this headset. So to make sure you learn how to charge Oculus Quest 2 controllers, read this article till the end.


However, mainly the focus of this article will be on charging oculus quest 2 controllers. Yet, you will also get to know about another way of charging your quest controllers, so read word by word and don’t miss the essential steps.


The first and foremost thing to know about oculus quest 2 controllers is whether they are chargeable or not? Well, let’s dive deeper and find out the answer without making you further.

The answer to the above question is not because they do not come with any built-in battery, yet there are battery compartments where you can install the battery yourself, but how, right?

Well, Don’t rush. It’s a simple process. These battery compartments in the controllers are compatible with AA batteries for power. They are hidden under a slider which you can quickly locate by looking for an “eject” symbol.

Since the batteries are alkaline, you don’t even think of recharging them, but if you want, you can replace its dead battery with a new and rechargeable AA alkaline battery.


When you want to know how to replace the battery, follow the steps below to execute the process correctly. 

  • Hold the controller in a position where the eject symbol is facing an upward position.
  • To pop it open, slide the eject symbol upward.
  • Now, remove the slider, and you will see the battery compartment. 
  • Now that you have removed the slider, replace the rechargeable or disposable battery in the compartment; however, make sure you do it correctly according to the markings.
  • Now repeat the above mentioned steps in a reverse manner. Also, follow these five steps for changing the battery of another controller.

As you can see, changing the oculus quest 2 controllers’ battery is not rocket science, and even a layperson can do this within a minute without having prior experience. Once you change old batteries and replace them with new reliable, durable ones, your controllers will work fine and if the batteries again run down, follow the above mentioned steps, and you will be good to go.


Once you change your controllers’ batteries, they will last longer, in case they are from a reliable manufacturer, but still, every battery has a life that one day comes to an end. So how would you know when to change the battery and what is its remaining life?

Although oculus quest 2 controllers have great batteries that last longer but still it’s a good idea to keep an eye on their remaining life so that your controllers never stop working. Because your controllers can stop working while you are in the middle of the game.

Follow the below mentioned steps to find out batteries remaining life or level.

  • Navigate the menu on the home screen of the oculus quest 2 controllers. If you don’t see it, press the Oculus button, and it will appear on the screen.
  • Here you can check your controllers’ battery level and headset. What makes it more fascinating is that it will show you the battery level of each controller separately so that you can have a fair idea of which battery is going to drain first and accordingly change batteries.


If you are worried about how to charge oculus quest 2 controllers’ batteries, stop worrying because there is an easier way of doing that, even though their AA batteries are not rechargeable. 

Remember that you cannot install any other battery since AA batteries are compatible with these controllers; in this case, you need to become innovative and creative, which is what Anker does. They have come up with a fully functioning charging dock. Remember that this charging dock has been officially licensed to Meta, which was previously called Facebook.

The charging dock designed by Anker comes with rechargeable batteries and battery covers that allow wireless charging. Moreover, you can also recharge oculus quest 2 batteries by simply placing them over the dock. If you don’t want to hassle and waste time on opening the covers, these charging docks are made for you, and you must purchase and use them.


While there is a specific time duration stated by the manufacturer about how long the batteries will last. However, still, some users have reported that they have been using them for weeks, and the battery levels are still around 70%. This shows how reliable and durable oculus quest 2 controllers are when it comes to batteries.


Most businesses, be that local, national or international rely significantly on their customers’ satisfaction, and they always come up with rules, regulations, and policies that are customer friendly as once a marketer said that “customer is always the boss.”

Following the philosophy of happy customers, oculus has devised customer-friendly policies regarding the warranties and replacement of their products, including oculus quest 2 controllers.

The company promises two years warranty on all its products and devices, including quest two controllers, whereas the warranty begins at the time of activation of the device. Similarly, when a device needs to be changed, it rapidly does that (following the terms and conditions). Moreover, upon receiving the faulty device from customers, the company will directly ship the product from their warehouse to the customer’s address. 


Oculus quest 2 controllers are among the rare features that only a few devices have integrated the option. However, there is a flaw with it, which is charging batteries but still can easily replace them with disposable or rechargeable batteries.

Users can also set battery levels individually in the main menu and change batteries according to their needs. And finally, there is a fully functioning charging dock that allows wireless charging, and you can quickly charge your quest 2 by simply placing it over the dock.

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