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Leica to release its first mobile phone Leitz Phone 1


Leica to release its first mobile phone Leitz Phone 1

Many are familiar with the camera company Leica, which has long been a recognized brand with high quality of its cameras. Now they are taking the step into the mobile phone market themselves with their first self-branded mobile Leitz Phone 1. The news was released via Engadget Japan and so far there are a few more sources that all seem to get info from this source. The image sensor on the rear camera is 1 inch and a 7-element lens f / 1.9 19mm. The phone comes with a Pro IGZO OLED screen of 6.6 inches with a resolution of 2730 x 1260. Exciting to see how this will be received by the market, and if it goes well if they will continue with their own brand going forward. The design looks quite cool and a bit retro, maybe they can find a market going forward.


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