5000 magazines / newspapers unlimited – “Readly” for 1.99 instead of 19.98 euros!

5000 magazines / newspapers unlimited - “Readly” for 1.99 instead of 19.98 euros!


Many of us resolve to read more at the beginning of the year. Magazines not only educate, in these times you can also make good use of the time at home. Readly positions itself as the perfect introduction: Our current sponsor combines over 5,000 magazines and newspapers in one app as a flat rate. And as an apple page reader you can test the whole thing for almost free for 2 months!

As an AP reader, you may already know Readly. For everyone else, here is a brief introduction. In any case, you get an exclusive deal: For just 1.99 euros you can test the “Netflix of Newspapers” for 2 months. Completely flexible, with no commitment or term. This offer can only be redeemed with our link, not on the Readly page.

Wait, what is readly?

The concept is simple: What Spotify does with music and Netflix with films, Readly has done with magazines and newspapers. Over 5000 international titles including TOP publishers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can be found in the range. You have specialist magazines and quality newspapers, for which you would otherwise have to pay individually, in one app and for a fraction of the money. From Time Magazine to Mac Life to Autobild.

  • 5000+ magazines and unlimited newspapers in 1 app
  • 30 genres: tech, business, cars, sports, entertainment, house / DIY, …
  • Flexible: Cancel anytime
  • Mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Smart: Offline reading, Text search in the whole range
  • Desktop version for Mac and PC
  • Suitable for families: Account with 5 profiles divisible

In addition to the daily new issues, Readly users have access to all old issues and archives of over 5,000 magazines.

-> About the offer: 2 months Readly for 1.99 euros

Readly on the iPad

Excerpt: These magazines are included

From technology …

  • Computer picture
  • Mac Life
  • Macworld Special
  • iPhone & iPad Life
  • iPhone tricks
  • CHIP
  • Futurezone
  • Connect
  • Wired
  • Android world

Classics of all genres

  • TIME Magazine
  • FORBES magazine
  • profile
  • playboy
  • The standard compact
  • PICTURE / Sport Picture / Auto PICTURE
  • Auto Motor and Sport
  • VICE Germany
  • BZ
  • Exchange online
  • Home idea
  • Cook and enjoy
  • National Geographic
  • InTouch
  • Spectrum of science
  • NEWS

Exclusive: Readly test for 2 months for 1.99

As an apple page reader, you can benefit from the exclusive test subscription under the link below: You pay 1.99 euros one-time and gets 2 months unlimited Access to Readly and all magazines and newspapers. You can Cancel the app at any time. – Totally fair and transparent. Are you impressed by Readly you pay the regular price in the 3rd month.

Readly costs 9.99 euros per month and gives you access to 5,000 magazines and newspapers from all over the world. In itself, that’s a really fair subscription.

Thanks to Readly for supporting Apfelpage!

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