Peaceful protest against coronary repression in Ireland

Police said that about 700 people participated in a peaceful protest against coronary depression in central Cork, Ireland, which took place without incident. The hour-long gathering went by the name “A Rally for Truth”(A collection for truth). Among the speakers was former Cork City Councilor Diarmuid O Cadhla, who claimed the government was lying about the number of people dying of covid-19.

A large police force, which included a police helicopter, was on site during the day, reports Irish Times.
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Among the speakers ahead of the rally at the intersection of Patrick St and Winthrop Street was former Cork City Councilor Diarmuid O Cadhla. O Cadhla claimed that the government lied about the number of people dying from covid-19, and that the state creates fear among people. He also said that a shutdown of society was unnecessary.
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