Pfizer’s vaccine is linked to 67 Swedish deaths

Pfizer's vaccine is linked to 67 Swedish deaths

The Medical Products Agency has currently received reports of at least 67 deaths linked to Pfizer’s vaccine, their controversial mRNA vaccine. In addition, there is a very long list of other suspected harmful effects from heart attacks to cases of sepsis, severe infections and acute shortness of breath.

Between 27 December 2020 and 9 February 2021, the Medical Products Agency received at least 703 reports of side effects for Pfizer’s controversial mRNA vaccine Comirnaty.

251 of these are classified by The Medical Products Agency as “serious” and even younger patients are found to have suffered from the harmful effects of the vaccine. 61 reports are about patients under 30, 108 reports about patients under 40 and 122 reports about patients under 50 years of age.


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