Mark Zuckerberg can see benefits for Facebook through app tracking transparency, share increases

Mark Zuckerberg on F8 2018 - Facebook

Facebook is doing a small U-turn in terms of Apple’s app tracking requirements. If Mark Zuckerberg had always cursed this innovation up to now, he can now even gain something positive from it. At least the share didn’t do any harm.

Facebook has apparently reconsidered its position on Apple’s new app tracking transparency. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg can now even see possible benefits Facebook could derive from the recent change in iOS.

In the short term, the new requirement will undoubtedly lead to slumps in sales and profits through advertising on Facebook.
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In the future, however, the number of shop operators could increase if more providers offer their services or products directly on Facebook or Instagram instead of using their own apps.

In fact, Zuckerberg worries about smaller business owners, whose new app tracking transparency is taking away the data that is needed to reach the respective target group as well as possible.

Facebook seems to be giving up confrontation at first

The conscious expressions Zuckerberg dropped in a round of talks at the drop-in service clubhouse, which is made for, on the one hand, non-binding, but on the other hand, with great effect on certain topics to express oneself and to formulate its own agenda. So far, Facebook had been one of the most staunch critics of Apple’s app tracking transparency.
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Of the Götterdämmerung for the advertising industry said the company and Zuckerberg personally used several opportunities to raise the mood against the innovation in iOS. It remains to be seen whether the statements made now mean a general trend change on Facebook or had some other reason. One thing is clear: Facebook shares only benefit from a very minimal prospect of attracting additional buyers to the platform. At the close of trading, the paper was up 4%.

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