That’s how much Spotify (2021) costs – new prices

Spotify has increased prices in 2021 and the popular music service now costs more than ever before.

With the price increase, you have to pay between 10 and 20 kronor extra each month. But Spotify says it’s worth every penny.

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FAQ about Spotify’s price increase

How much does Spotify 2021 cost?

SEK 109 for Premium (+ 10%)
SEK 149 for Duo (+ 7%)
SEK 189 for Family (+ 12%)

When will the new prices for 2021 take effect?

The new prices on Spotify will take effect in February. Existing users with a monthly payment receive a month with the old price, then it is increased automatically.

Why is Spotify raising prices in 2021?

To be able to continue investing in new material and podcasts.

Spotify has made major investments in recent years to attract both new listeners and retain those who are already users.

Perhaps the biggest investment is in podcasts. Something that has cost Spotify several hundred million, but without capturing the interest of users if we are to believe previous reports.

And with large investments that cost money, the cash is emptied quickly. Therefore, Spotify wants to add it as soon as possible, and in an email the company writes the following:

This means that we can continue to innovate and invest to give you the best experience and more value in the form of new content and more features to use both as a family and as individuals.

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So how much do prices go up?

For individual users with Premium subscriptions, the price increases from SEK 99 to SEK 109. Family users previously had a monthly cost of SEK 169, which now increases to SEK 189. Spotify Duo in turn increases from SEK 139 to SEK 149.

Those who pay monthly get an extra month with the old price, after which it is increased automatically. Those who have paid annually may keep the old price until the subscription must be renewed again.

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