The Pirate Party: The dominance of tech giants is democratically unacceptable

The Pirate Party’s party leader Katarina Stensson states that our entire digital lives are in principle governed by private companies Google and Apple and wonders what would happen if the tech giants, for example, suddenly decided to stop the app mobile banking ID that most Swedes have to use daily.

The power over digital is increasingly concentrated in a small group of companies and their allied states. The gatekeepers take control of our communications and our computers, and through this our entire society. That is not acceptable for a democracy.
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For sovereign democracy, we would have to break the power of the oligopoly over the digital society. Today, digital Sweden, for example, is dependent on a mobile bank ID, an app that can in principle be stopped by two American companies (Apple and Google) when they feel like it.
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It is not sustainable
“, She states in the debate article in IDG.

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