Tim Cook calls on business and politics to joint efforts against climate change

Apple boss Tim Cook calls on politics and business around the world to make greater efforts for a CO2-neutral future. Apple will become a completely climate-neutral company by the end of the decade, emphasized the CEO in a speech at the United Nations. However, Apple’s sustainability efforts have recently been called into various doubts.

As part of a speech on the “United Nations Climate Ambition Summit“Spoke Tim Cook about the role of business and politics in coping with the climate crisis. The Apple boss took the opportunity to once again point out the ambitious climate goals of his company.

Apple aims to become a complete carbon neutral company by 2030. All of Apple’s properties around the world are currently being supplied with sustainably generated electricity; solar and hydropower are used to supply iCloud data centers, for example.
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But the supply chain should also be completely CO2-neutral by the end of the decade.
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Apple is currently helping its suppliers achieve this ambitious goal, Cook said.

Call for more commitment to climate protection

In fact, it has been observed on several occasions how Apple exerts pressure on its suppliers to reduce their CO2 emissions. But it is also clear that implementation in less developed countries and with energy-intensive production is a completely different task than supplying an Apple site in Finland or Florida with hydropower or solar cells.

In his speech, Cook underlined the outstanding importance of cooperation, ambitious goals, and shared responsibility. Governments and companies are now called upon to work together to turn the trend towards a climate-neutral future. Sustainable concepts like Consistent recycling is crucial for this, says Cook.

This is exactly where Apple recently received significant criticism. A British parliamentary report painted a somewhat edifying picture of the reusability of many technology products. Apple, like other companies, made it difficult for consumers to recycle their products. Also, the poor repairability of Apple products is repeatedly criticized. Apple always rejects such allegations with reference to its various efforts to enable customers to recycle its products as easily as possible.

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