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Telegram brings self-erasing messages, new invitations and more

Telegram is to be sued from the App Store

Telegram has made some new features available to its users with a major update. Under iOS 14, for example, there is a new option to place widgets on the home screen. There are also innovations regarding self-erasing messages.
The messenger Telegram (Affiliate Link) has released a major update. With the latest update, which is now being distributed via the App Store, the self-deleting messages will be introduced, among other things. These can be set so that they either disappear after 24 hours or after ten days. This can be done in individual conversations as well as in groups.
There are other innovations with regard to invitations in groups: An invitation link can now be configured in an even more diverse way and, for example, also sent as a QR code or given a limited shelf life. Groups can now also be automatically converted into broadcast groups with an unlimited number of participants when the maximum size of 200,000 members is reached. There are also innovations for users of iOS 14, which also equip Telegram with widgets for use on the home screen.

The innovations in detail

Below are the notes the developers put down on Telegram’s recent update:
Auto-delete messages
• Set messages to be automatically deleted for everyone 24 hours or 7 days after they were sent.
• Define settings for automatic deletion in each of your chats, as well as in groups and channels in which you are an admin.
• To activate the automatic deletion, press and hold any message> Select> ‘Empty chat’ in the upper left corner.
New invitation links for groups and channels
• Create invitation links that only work for a limited time or for a limited number of uses.
• Find out which users have joined via your or your admins’ invitation links.
• Turn every invitation link into a QR code that users can scan with their mobile phone camera.
• To manage invitation links, open your group or channel profile> Edit> Invitation Links.
Widgets for iOS 14
• Reach your chats quickly, right from your home screen.
• To add a widget, press and hold the background of your home screen, then press ‘+’ and select Telegram.
Groups with unlimited members
• Turn groups into unlimited broadcast groups when they approach the membership limit.

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