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Telegram is to be sued from the App Store

Telegram is to be sued from the App Store

Apple is said to be forced by lawsuit to remove Telegram from the App Store. The app is used to distribute racist and violence-glorifying content on a large scale and Apple knows this. This means that the app can no longer remain in the App Store.

Apple is said to be forced to remove Telegram from the App Store.
The NGO “Coalition for a Safer Web” recently filed a lawsuit submittedwith which this goal is to be achieved. Marc Ginsberg, the former Jewish ambassador of the USA in the Arab world, is in charge of this.

Telegram serves as a central channel through which racist and religiously motivated violence is encouraged, the organization said in its lawsuit, which was filed in the US District Court of Northern California.

In the past, Ginsberg saw himself exposed to hate messages and serious threats, which he attributed to groups networked via Telegram.

Telegram violates Apple’s App Store guidelines

The fact that Telegram plays an important role as a platform for Nazis and conspiracy theorists can hardly be overlooked. Messenger and its operator only know a few rules: it is hardly possible to have Telegram content removed, for example because it calls for overt violence.

The app clearly violates Apple’s requirements for apps in the App Store, according to the application. In addition to banning the app from the app store, the claim is also for compensation for damages.
The chances of legal action are difficult to assess.
Apple recently removed the Parler app from the App Store, which spontaneously became the Trumpists‘ alternative destination after the storming of the Capitol after President Trump was banned on Twitter.

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