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Terraria is NOT released on Google Stadia – game developer expelled from Google

Google threw out the game developer behind the hit game Terraria. Then the developer responded by refusing to release his game on the game service Stadia.

Terraria is a popular sandbox game that can almost be described as a 2D version of Minecraft. A game that has received a cult following since its launch in 2011 and is still being developed with new features.

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At least on almost all platforms other than Stadia. For Terraria will (probably) never be released on Google’s gaming service. Not after Google threw out one of the game developers behind Terraria.

In one fell swoop, Andrew Spinks – the founder of Terraria developer Re-Logic – had all his accounts suspended, resulting in thousands of emails deleted on Gmail and several gigabytes of data on Drive removed. The company’s YouTube channel was also shut down.

According to Andrew Spinks, he has never done anything that violates Google’s user agreement, but that is of course something we can not confirm in any way.

With that said, he seems terribly angry over the whole incident and Google has not answered questions about the account suspension. We simply have to wait and see if anyone at the company giant wants to review and reset all data again.

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