Test: Jabra Elite 85t with adjustable active noise cancellation

Test: Jabra Elite 85t with adjustable active noise cancellation

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Jabra continues to hone its sound technology and take new steps in its product development. I try to keep up to date with just the wireless headphones that are released and some I choose to test a little more carefully, such as in this case Jabra’s new Jabra Elite 85t.

I have previously test driven, for example the Jabra Elite 75t and here is then an evolution of that model with some new features. The products on the whole are quite comparable, but in this newer model there are several new products introduced in both fit and technology content, so it is a given that I think if you are hungry for some of these, choose this later model.

As always, Jabra’s in-ear headphones come with high sound quality, I have never been dissatisfied in any of my tests regarding this and not in this case either. Since previous models, Jabra has now in the Elite 85t increased the speaker bandwidth a few to create even better sound in the phone calls. And received 2 more microphones, now a total of 6, which work in unison to capture everything from capturing sound to improve quality but also capture sound that should be shut out. The picture below also shows a bit from the manual for how to use these in-ear headphones.

Solid case for your Jabra in-ears

After testing a bunch of different types, models and brands of in-ears, I like the Jabras for many reasons. One of them is actually their case where I can store the headphones. I think they are nice and solid, take some shocks in the pocket without getting scratch marks. Compared to some others I have tested, they are also very narrow, which is a big advantage when you run around with them in your jacket pocket, as I do.

Compared to the 75t, the 85t has got a slightly larger case, but despite that I still think it’s ok in size. Now I do not know exactly why they chose to make it a little bigger but I suspect that it is connected to the case with this model can be charged wirelessly. This means that you can simply set the case on a charging plate that supports Qi charging (at least 5 watts), smart and simple and above all you can avoid a few more cables at home. If you do not have a charging plate at home and want to charge with a cord, it also works well, there is a USB-C socket on the back for this.

Set active noise cancellation to your needs

Another clear improvement is the technology around noise reduction, I think it is one of the biggest focus that Jabra has forward with the sound technology. To as smart as possible both create technology to improve the basic sound quality, but also improve the overall sound experience by finding ways to remove and eliminate unwanted sound. So by increasing the number of microphones, among other things, they have managed to take some clear steps forward in 85h compared to previous models.

When it comes to ANC, active noise cancellation, you now have the opportunity to control this in several different levels to suit your needs. To make it as good as possible, 4 of all 6 microphones are used in the headphones. So on each earpiece are a total of 3 powerful microphones, of which 2 use different techniques to filter out noise. Overall, the technology in the headphones has been given a boost, as Jabra with this advanced noise reduction has built in a completely dedicated processor to work with all different sound modes. Something they of course can continue to further develop now for future versions to become even better and more flexible. From full ANC to Jabra’s HearThrough (ie you can digitally hear the surroundings when you need it) so far there are a total of 11 different sound modes, there are crazy many. Each position up or down differs by 3 decibels, which is the difference needed for the ears to make it noticeable.

The speaker size is also improved and in this model is 12mm compared to the previous 6mm and you have the option in the Jabra Sound + app and set sound levels to perfection for the discerning.

Fit for the many people

We are all different, so are our ears. Believe me, my ear canals are also different for my two ears so I usually need to rely on a good fit to avoid having to cast my own headphones 🙂 For me, Jabra works very well, and in the step from Elite 75t to this model 85t, the plastic mounts (called EarGels at Jabra) have also received an update. Nowadays, they are a bit oval in their design to create as much noise-absorbing seal as possible. The earbuds have also been given pressure relief valves to prevent pressure build-up inside the ear, which is really nicely done. Below are the 3 different sizes of EarGels that come in the box.

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