Test: Mophie Snap – Backward compatible MagSafe charge

Test: Mophie Snap - Backward compatible MagSafe charge


Along with Apple’s MagSafe technology for the iPhone 12, as is well known, a number of different accessories have been launched. Mophie Snap includes a whole range of products with the aim of making assembly and charging via technology as convenient as possible.

Mophie, owned by it Utah-based company Zagg (perhaps best known for the screen protectors in InvisibleShieldseries), produces mobile accessories in most categories. Wireless chargers, powerbanks and shells to name a few. Snap is a series of products that includes both wireless chargers for tables and cars (with associated mounts) and a powerbank solution specially adapted for just MagSafetechnology, but which of course also charges other phones with support for wireless charging.

The little fun with SnapThe series is that with virtually every accessory, a so-called snap adapter. A small magnetic ring that is glued to the back of any phone (or phone case). As long as the phone supports wireless charging, it then works as one MagSafedevice at any time. SnapThe adapters can also be purchased separately.

Test scenario

During a week of traveling, I took a look at the accessories specifically for charging and mounting in a car. Personally, I use one iPhone 11 Pro so I had to mount one snap adapter on the back of the phone case for use MagSafethe magnets in the car charger. The partner was also on the trip iPhone 12, which is known to have built-in support for MagSafetechnique.

Mophie Snap - Test - Review - Car Charger - Charger
The main product for the test is of course the wireless car charger (Snap + Wireless Vent Mount). I also had the opportunity to test the Snap Vent Mount, which is a Magsafe mount for a car, but without the charge. For this, I mounted the Gear4 shell Holborn on my iPhone 11 Pro and Crystal Palace Snap on my partner’s iPhone 12. Like Mophie, Gear4 is also a Zagg-owned brand.

Mounting on telephone and in car

Snap + Wireless Vent Mount consists of three main parts. A ventilation bracket for a car, a 12v adapter with USB-Cconnector and the charging plate itself (which delivers up to 15 watts for iPhone 12 and 7.5 watts for other phones). The charging plate is fastened to the bracket, after which the entire crew is pushed into place in any ventilation grille. Included in the package is, as I said, one snap adapter to make it possible to use the charger with non MagSafe-compatible phones. Everything is of sensible quality and feels well built.

Mopie - Snap + Wireless Vent Mount
It is worth noting that the cable from the charging plate ends up in a USB-C connector. Something that is not yet standard in most cars.

To paste snap adapterThe ring is relatively simple with an included measuring guide. The ring fits properly but can be removed without major problems if you would like to do so. However, it can not be mounted twice, so it is important to get it correct on the first try. I chose to mount the ring on Holborn-shell, instead of directly on min iPhone 11 Pro.

Do you have a iPhone 12 as I said, you do not need to worry about any adapters at all and it is noticeable that it is just against iPhone 12series Mophie Snap mainly turns. Maybe especially since there are sadly no shells (at least from Zagg) with built-in MagSafemagnets for phones other than just iPhone 12. I would have liked to have seen one, for example Holborn-shell with built-in support for MagSafethe bracket. Just as is the case with the above Crystal Palace Snap for iPhone 12.

Actual use

Overall, the experience has been positive when it comes to Mophie Snap. For iPhone 12 the use could hardly have been smoother. Plug everything into the car and fasten the phone to the magnetic plate whereupon it charges. At a sensible pace as well.

Mophie Snap - Charge iPhone 12 - Review - Test
Mophie Snap + Wireless Vent Mount does best with the iPhone 12 series of phones.

The same goes for phones without built-in support for MagSafe. As soon as the extra ring is in place, just snap the phone onto the charging pad and the charging will start immediately. Of course, everything attaches just as well to the variant of the ventilation bracket without charging (snap vent mount).

Now I drive a half old Saab 9-5 and precisely in it is the gripping mechanism of Mophie-fasten snap snugly for the ventilation grille next to the steering wheel. Along with the increased distance to the outside when using both shells and snap adapterThe ring contributes to the bracket feeling a little in the looser direction. On the other hand, I have not had any problems with the bracket coming loose or actually sitting properly loose, but pinching really as hard as my previous variant from Kenu do not do it. The above is of course also extremely large depending on which car you drive and I am convinced that Mophie Snap mount fits perfectly in many other cars.

Mophie Snap - Car Adapter - Test - Review
An extra shell together with the magnet adapter builds a lot outwards. Even if everything feels a little more swaying compared to a phone without the adapter, the mount still fits well.

After a week of traveling

After using Mophies Snapsolution during a week of intensive car travel with screaming children and the whole choir, it is after all a smooth charging aid. However, I personally am not a fan of snap adapter which is both quite sharp at the edges and at the same time makes the phone unpleasantly thick. I was also a little annoyed that the phone, due to the adapter, was no longer flat against the surface when placed on a table or similar. A petitess perhaps, but still.

The magnet ring has also been good at attracting a lot of dust during the test week. Something that is understandable, but could possibly have been solved with some form of protective edge or the like. The surface of the charging plate is also quite good at attracting dust.

Mophie Snap Adapter - One Week - Dust
It looks a little worse in the picture than it does in reality. But after a week of traveling, the adapter ring looked like this. It is possible to get rid of the dust decently with a damp cloth, but the process becomes a bit tough in the long run.

If, on the other hand, you are okay with having a ring on the back of your phone, the solution as such is not stupid at all. In addition, it works functionally well. Do you have a iPhone 12 (pro or mini) there is not much to talk about. Then it is a really good charging solution. In addition, fairly affordable if you make sure that the 12v adapter is also included with the purchase. For all other phones, I would really like to see covers with built-in MagSafemagnets instead of Snap adapters. It fulfills its purpose, but it may be worth taking an extra thought if you can handle a ring on the back of the phone.


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