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MSI continues to impress with news and this time it is the MSI MPG K360 CoreLiquid that impresses with low noise level and really good cooling.

MSI really takes to it when it comes to creating better components and a result of this is with the new MSI MPG K360 CoreLiquid which has received several really good improvements, both performance but also when it comes to use.

Something that you notice quite quickly in all manufacturers, but mainly MSI in this case is that you want to facilitate and make it as easy as possible to install and use their components. For many, the MSI MPG K360 CoreLiquid may feel a little too much, mainly because they are afraid that the installation will complicate it, but here are many factors that MSI has thought about and used its experience.

The radiator and fans on the MSI MPG K360 CoreLiquid can, as usual, choose to mount a little differently in a chassis, but first you have to screw on the fans on the radiator, which in my opinion is almost impossible to fail or make mistakes. It is important to keep in mind, however, to have the vibration dampers, which are a rubber ring on the screws, you want to get rid of as much noise as possible that can occur with fans, among other things.

MSI MPG K360 CoreLiquid

The fans that come with the MSI MPG K360 CoreLiquid are three pieces of 120 millimeters each and MSI calls these Torx Fan 4.0. The fans have a new design where we find eight blades that are angled in a special way and that the outer part of the fans are together which will increase the air flow further. Of course, MSI has also equipped each fan with ARGB, so if you want, you can control each fan separately when it comes to light and you do it via MSI Center.

Since this is a water cooling, we have hoses to work with where the liquid is to be transported and it is precisely the hoses that many are afraid of will crack, start to leak and simply create chaos in their construction. But MSI has not skimped here, MSI has chosen to protect the water hoses with three layers of braided plastic together with another reinforced surface of mesh so you can easily angle and adjust the hoses as you want and fit one best.

When it’s time to mount the actual pump that sits directly on the processor, this is something I know many people are worried about and unsure of whether they are doing the right thing or whether it is sitting right. What I myself have usually had problems with is the bracket that sits on the back of the motherboard and should keep the pump in place does not always want as you want. If you are worried or do not have any control over the cooling paste, MSI has chosen to apply the finished cooling paste already so there is no need to think about how much you should have or how it should be applied.

This is exactly where MSI has thought of and facilitated this considerably, it is the case that in MSI MPG K360 CoreLiquid you first screw on like a washer so it is in place and in turn screw on the pump on this, very simple and painless, you avoid the hassle of keeping both the back and the front in place.

It is clear that MSI wants to give as many people as possible the chance to use MPG K360 CoreLiquid and here we have a pump / system that fits the following platforms:


  • LGA 1150
  • LGA 1151
  • LGA 1155
  • LGA 1156
  • LGA 1200
  • LGA 1366
  • LGA 2011
  • LGA 2011-3
  • LGA 2066


  • AM4
  • AM3 +
  • AM3
  • AM2 +
  • AM2
  • FM2 +
  • FM2
  • FM1
  • TR4
  • sTRX4
  • SP3

But when it comes to the performance of the MPG K360 CoreLiquid which is perhaps also the most important in the end, we have a cooler here that does a really really good job. We tested MPG K360 CoreLiquid on Intel i9-11900K which in normal use kept down to between 36-38 degrees which is clearly approved, more than approved in my opinion.

All tests we did we chose not to overclock the processor in any way but the goal was to see how the MPG K360 CoreLiquid manages to cool down the Intel i9-11900K with standard performance. When we ran at maximum load on the processor with the help of various benchmark tests, we got just over 50 degrees, as max we were up to 56 degrees, which surprised me, I then turned on the fans to max, the temperature dropped immediately by 4-5 degrees .

In short, I can already say that the MPG K360 CoreLiquid is a real boost to MSI’s previous generation of water coolers.

Another nice news with MPG K360 CoreLiquid that seems to be becoming more common is LCD screen on the pump and this is something MSI wants to offer, here we find a 2.4 inch LCD screen which among other things should show the processor’s frequency but can also show such as temperature etc.

But there is a small problem, the performance is really great, the installation is the easiest we have been through but the price tag on the other hand, the price tag is SEK 2,999 which is juicy, really juicy for a water cooler. The advantage is that you can take advantage of this cooler for a long time considering all the platforms that it actually supports if you now want to go from one manufacturer to the other. High price tag but it also delivers exactly as you expect for that price tag.


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