Test: Netgear Orbi 4G LTE LBR20

Netgear Orbi 4G LTE LBR20

Netgear Orbi 4G LTE LBR20

Netgear can really do this with networking, but how easy and flexible have they made it to use 4G in our homes or offices?

With 5G just around the corner, 4G will be relevant for a while and here we have such fast mobile internet that it can be used at home, this is something that Netgear makes it possible to have as a home network thanks to Orbi 4G LTE.

The design of the Orbi 4G LTE is very similar to other systems that Netgear offers, which I did not think at first but thought this would be either smaller or with a completely different design. I was wrong there, as with much else when it comes to Orbi 4G LTE.

When I unpack Orbi 4G LTE from my box, you always get the feeling that this is a regular router, a router that will provide wireless internet, but it is more than that. When you turn on the Orbi 4G LTE and look at the back, we find the most important of all, a place for nano-sim cards. In addition to space for SIM cards, we also find two ethernet ports, which I was surprised by but clearly a plus.

Netgear Orbi 4G LTE LBR20

Where I was most worried about when it comes to Orbi 4G LTE LBR20 was the installation, how much has Netgear bothered about it now or is it really so easy for even the ignorant to handle it, the short answer is Yes, it’s that easy .

The installation of Orbi 4G LTE LBR20 is done via the app on the mobile and this is where the first step begins.

However, all this is explained very clearly in the various steps that are explained and included in the box. Once you have received the app, the app tells you very clearly every step how to proceed to install both the router and your sim card and all this worked without problems, after following the app every step it did not take many minutes before we had internet via a router via the 4G network and it worked better than I thought.

Netgear Orbi 4G LTE LBR20

When the network is running and I start to do several tests on the speed and there I was able to measure impressive speed to be 4G and with the WiFi 5 standard. Several times I was up to over 340 megabits per second, which I think is clearly approved and maybe even faster than many have via their broadband in the wall. Netgear themselves also do a speed test when the installation is complete to see if 4G has full coverage but probably to show a little what the router is for, show its and the network’s performance.

A few years ago I would never recommend having 4G as your network at home and this especially when we usually had data limitation, but nowadays there are subscriptions with unlimited data which is clearly a huge plus and perfect for the home if you can not have other internet. Another plus with the Orbi 4G LTE LBR20 is that you can actually take it with you to the summer cottage, the holiday or similar, so everyone always has internet with the unlimited subscription.

After the installation, I have used and tested using the router at home, in the office, with friends, with family and even though everyone lives in big cities and smaller cities, I have always had speeds over 300 megabits per second, which impresses me with both the router and the provider of internet.

Netgear Orbi 4G LTE LBR20

However, there is one drawback with the Orbi 4G LTE LBR20, it is expensive. This router that makes it possible to share your 4G internet costs almost SEK 4,000, which is a high price tag and can be worth it if, for example, you can not have other internet and if you already have or are willing to pay for unlimited data on your subscription. .

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