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Test: Poly Voyager Focus 2

Test: Poly Voyager Focus 2

Test: Poly Voyager Focus 2

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The acknowledged awesome headset series Voyager from Poly (formerly Plantronics) has got another member of the family. It is Voyager Focus that has had a successor released called Voyager Focus 2. I have been testing the headset for a while now and have summarized what I think characterizes it for you who are looking for a headset for the home office, for example. My first headset that I thought was really awesome was a little smaller called the Voyager 5200, and since then I’m a bit “hooked” on the Voyager series, they have delivered some really nice headsets that made the series complete for several different types of uses. You who follow me here on the blog know that I have previously written about, among other things Poly Voyager 8200 as well as the mobile conference telephone solution Poly Calisto 5200.

Hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) with Poly Acoustic Fence

Like a few others on the market, Poly has developed a step-by-step ANC solution for noise reduction. Poly calls its solution Poly Acoustic Fence and means that you can set the ANC in three positions with a button on a headphone (see picture above) and use the most advanced form of ANC which is a hybrid solution. In total, on the market today there are 3 different types of ANC solutions as below:

  • Feedback ANC: Feedback ANC means that the microphones are placed inside the earmuff and monitors what users hear
  • Feed-forward ANC: Feed-forward ANC is very rarely used on headphones because it is very sensitive to wind, the solution means that the microphones are placed on the outside of the earmuff to monitor background noise
  • Hybrid ANC: Hybrid ANC is the solution used for Poly Voyager Focus 2 and means that the microphones are placed both inside and outside the earmuffs (requires at least 2x microphones compared to Feedback ANC) and monitors both what the user hears and the background noise

Hybrid ANC with several microphones along the construction means that the Poly Voyager Focus 2 creates an excellent call sound and noise reduction.

Really nice construction for long conversations

I often use headphones in my daily work so I appreciate when the manufacturers put extra powder on the design to create optimal comfort. Here, Poly has really succeeded because these sit just perfectly, not too hard and not too loose, and all the parts such as the earmuffs and the head rail are very soft. As you can see in the pictures, the soft main rail does not go completely along the metal rail, but it stretches out nicely when you put on the headphones.

Certified for all major platforms

There is also broad support for more or less all major communication platforms on the market. Almost a matter of course today for all professional headphones where the Poly Voyager Focus 2 is no exception. The headphones are wireless with a battery life of up to 19h, and if you do not want to leave them on the work table, there are racks to buy so that they are charged at the same time. I got hold of a pair with support for USB-C, which means that an extra small dong was included in the package. This is because the basic product has a dong for USB-A (BT700) so to get support for USB-C the dongs are connected to each other (see picture below. The headphones connect with Bluetooth v5.1 which is the latest version which is a stable and good wireless connection.

USB-A and USB-C plug together with a USB-B charging and connecting cable.

  • User friendly

  • Hardware

  • Sound quality


Poly Voyager Focus 2 is a really nice wireless headset for the home office with high sound quality, several different connection options and long battery life.

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