Test: Sudio One – The AirPods Challenger

Test: Sudio One - The AirPods Challenger
Test: Sudio One - The AirPods Challenger

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Once again, Swedish Sudio has delivered new exciting headphones. A while ago, these were launched, Studio One which I think has received a little too little attention. I have been able to test a couple for a long time and think they are really exciting. Given the design, you might see which ones they try to mimic a bit anyway 🙂 so yes, let’s call them Sudio’s AirPods challenger number one.

Design & function

Although the design is very similar to Apple’s AirPods, they have also developed some distinctive markers that distinguish them. Above all, I would highlight that the Sudio One has a bit more edges and not as rounded as the AirPods and has the marked control buttons on each earpiece and more normal in-ear mounts. Included in the box, you also get more sizes to change to make the earbuds fit your ears. For me, the originals worked pretty well that sit on when you take them out of the box. In addition to the earbuds, there has also been an update on the case which can now be charged wirelessly, I love that who wants to get rid of as many cords as possible! They are attached to the case with a magnet that is well balanced to hold but at the same time release the earbuds when you pick them up. It is also important to highlight that they can withstand rain and sweat with a so-called IPX5 rating, which is good for wireless in-ear headphones.

Sound & sound quality

The quality of the sound is also high and on a par with previous earbuds, I think, and they have an advanced noise reduction technology to shut out unwanted sound. When you receive a call, they will automatically start letting in a little more noise from the surroundings (so-called transparency mode) at a reasonable level according to Sudio. Sudio stands out from Jabra, for example, in that they do not have an app to control the earbuds, which means that you can not set whether they should go into transparency mode or not. Sometimes I have experienced it a little disturbing, ie when I receive a call, I do not want any more noise from the surroundings, but on the contrary (!) To be able to clearly hear the conversation itself. While in other cases it has been quite practical. But yes, I want to be able to control it myself in some way.

Battery & charge

Regarding battery and charging, I want to lift some parts. Compared to previous models that I tested, Sudio has finally added wireless charging of the case. I think that’s great! However, you can also, as before, charge with the included USB charging cable. In total, you have up to 30 hours of talk time, which is good, it is comparable to, for example, Jabra Elite 85t which has 25 hours. However, I think it can vary a lot depending on how much noise reduction vs transparency mode is used in your daily use. But nice to have the case on hand so that they are uploaded every time you put them there.

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