That’s how much a screen replacement on Samsung Galaxy S21 costs – up to SEK 3,800

It costs many thousands of dollars to replace a broken screen on newer mobile phones. And the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series is no exception. In fact, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has the most expensive screen ever in the Galaxy S series

  • Costs up to SEK 3,800 for the flagship model
  • Lower resolution reduces costs
  • Galaxy Fold has the most expensive screen replacement to date

When Samsung introduced the Galaxy S21 series, many people probably noticed that the smaller mobile phones, Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus have a lower screen resolution than last year’s Galaxy S20 series. From 1440p down to 1080p in width.

The change means that the cost of screen replacement on these mobile phones has decreased compared to their predecessors. Where the Galaxy S20 costs SEK 3,200 when you change the screen, the Galaxy S21 costs only SEK 2,700. A noticeable difference of 16 percent in favor of the new model.

The Galaxy S21 Plus is also slightly cheaper than its predecessor. Here you have to pay SEK 2,800, which is a hundred bucks more than the Galaxy S21.

Screen replacement on the Galaxy Fold costs like a flagship phone

All previous models are significantly cheaper to repair than if you have the flagship model Galaxy S21 Ultra. It costs as much as SEK 3,800 to replace, which is 36 percent more than the Galaxy S21 Plus. A real price difference then, but both pale compared to Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung has a recommended average price of as much as SEK 7,000 for the Galaxy Z Flip. And if you are going to change the internal screen on the Galaxy Fold, you have to pay an extreme SEK 8,500.

The screen replacement on the outer screen of the Galaxy Fold is SEK 2,700, which is the same as the Galaxy S21.


How much does screen replacement cost on the Galaxy S21?

Recommended price is SEK 2,700.

How much does screen replacement on Galaxy S21 Plus cost?

Recommended price is SEK 2,800.

How much does screen replacement on Galaxy S21 Ultra cost?

Recommended price is SEK 3,800.

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