That’s how much Viaplay (2021) costs – new prices

Viaplay (2021)

Viaplay Film & Serier receives a new award. The monthly cost increases by 18 percent from March 2, 2021. The date applies to all new users. Existing users of Viaplay will receive the new price of the first payment after March 31, 2021.

  • Increases the price for the normal user by 18 percent
  • The sports package disappears from the offer
  • Some customers get a price increase of 126 percent (!)

The reason why Viaplay raises the price is to be able to continue to further develop the service with new content.

The price increases from SEK 109 to SEK 129. The change will take place on March 2 for new customers, and for existing customers, the new price will apply after March 31. Anyone who does not approve the new price can close their account under “My account” as logged in to Viaplay’s website.

You thus have to pay SEK 20 extra for the same offer as before. The goal, however, is to be able to expand the range with more films, TV series, original productions, and children’s programs.

Paying SEK 20 extra is quite a bit compared to the extreme increase that Viaplay forces on customers who have a sports package.

The sports package is removed completely from the offer, which means that those customers must switch to Viaplay Total instead. There is a price difference of SEK 50, which may not be much.


How much does Viaplay Film & Series cost?

The new price for 2021 is SEK 129 for Viaplay Film & Series.

Why is the price increasing?

In order for Viaplay to be able to continue to further develop its service with new material, more films and series.

When will the price of Viaplay change?

March 2, 2021, for new subscribers and March 31, 2021, for old subscribers.

Is it possible to watch Viaplay for free?

Yes, on the site Viafree it is possible. However, the range is more limited than on Viaplay.

Viaplay breaks its price promise to loyal customers – no compensation

But then we must also take into account that some subscribers still only pay SEK 199 for the sports package. Or at least paid, because now all these subscribers are forced to switch to Viaplay Total – with a cost increase of 126 percent, or SEK 250 every month.

We are now making changes to our range of subscriptions to Viaplay. Today you have a subscription to a sports package at the price of SEK 199. We are now removing this subscription from our production range, which means that your subscription will automatically expire 30 days after your last payment.

This is despite the fact that Viaplay has previously promised that they would be able to keep their price as long as they keep their subscription. A breach of promise, which Viaplay justifies by saying that they thought the price was unfair to new customers.

Viaplay tells Expressen that they would rather have fair pricing than keep their previous promises. Nor does the service want to compensate its loyal customers who have received the promise. Instead, Roberta Alenius, head of corporate communications at Nent Group, says that they believe that a good range should be enough for subscribers.

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