That’s why you need a powerbank


Today, most things have moved into our mobile phones. Often it is about more important things than listening to music or updating on Facebook. We pay with Swish, use Mobile BankID to identify ourselves, we store tickets and carry out banking matters. All this of course requires that you have power in your mobile phone. Fortunately, it is easy to avoid an empty battery – get a power bank. It’s like having an extra battery in your pocket, or as your own wall socket simply so you can charge your phone wherever you want. A powerbank is a simple insurance against running out of power, but there are a few things you need to think about before investing in one, and that is what your needs are.


Think about which ports / connections the gadgets have that you intend to charge, so that you get the right cables. Do they have USB-C, mini-USB or maybe Lightning? Some powerbanks offer several different ports and it is never about any special cables, but as always with cables, it is important to choose the right one.


When it comes to capacity, is bigger always better? No, it does not have to be that way. A powerbank that contains a lot of power can seem nice, but then it is also bigger, heavier and more expensive, so ask yourself – how many times do you want to be able to charge my phone / gadget?

Let’s say your phone’s battery is 4,000 mAh. With a power bank of 5,000 mAh, you can thus charge the phone from empty to full and still have some power left. A power bank with 10,000 mAh can charge the phone 2.5 times and a really large power bank with 20,000 mAh five times from empty to full.
But do you need to be able to charge your phone five times before you find a wall outlet?


A detail that is also quite important is how many watts a powerbank can deliver, because if mAh is the size of the fuel tank, watts is the size of the accelerator pedal. Simply put – the more watts a battery pack has, the faster it can “push” power into the device to be charged. Remember to first find out if your phone has a limit on how many watts it can receive.
Also check reviews online. There are not very many specialist sites that test powerbanks, but on, for example, you will find an interesting text about powerbanks for Iphone.

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