The AirPods Max are mainly manufactured in Vietnam

Apple presents AirPods Max headphones

Most of the new AirPods Max are manufactured in Vietnam. With this, Apple is once again underlining its resolution to set up its supply chain more independently of the location in China. Most of the surcharges for the manufacture of the AirPods Max went to Chinese manufacturers.

Apple’s new AirPods Max is largely manufactured in Vietnam. The Asian country has long been starting to play an increasingly important role in Apple’s supply chain. Larger contingents of AirPods Pro are now also being produced there.

The infrastructure in Vietnam cannot yet compete with the industrial regions of China, but development is progressing rapidly. In addition, Apple wants to become more independent from China.

AirPods Max are not built in China, but by Chinese manufacturers

Although Apple is moving parts of its production out of China, Chinese companies still play an important role for Apple, at least in the manufacture of accessory products. The orders for the production of the AirPods Max, for example, largely went to Chinese companies. For example, Luxshare Precision Industry and Goertek got a chance.
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Luxshare also recently entered Apple’s iPhone supply chain. In accordance with Apple’s wishes, these companies are now also relocating parts of their production to Vietnam.
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Inventec also applied for the production of the AirPods Max ( Affiliate Link ) at an early stage of product development, reported the Taiwanese magazine Digitimes, Inventec currently produces a large part of the AirPods and AirPods Pro. It is not clear why the company was not taken into account.

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