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The Apple Car could come in 2024 and look like a Tesla

Apple "Car"


Isn’t the Apple Car dead yet? In a few years, we might still see an Apple car and that could be very similar to the Tesla models, we hear from industrial circles today.
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Previously, the Apple Car hadn’t been a topic in the rumor mill for a long time.

Apple’s work on its own car or at least components for the automotive sector continues: The company is in contact with various suppliers from the automotive industry for initial negotiations about the later production of components. In particular, Apple is currently trying to ensure that it will be able to meet all regulatory requirements with a later product. Furthermore, Apple collects asking prices from suppliers and explains its own requirements. You will continue to hire new employees. Who will be poached by Tesla, among others, writes the trade journal Digitimes.

The chips that will be installed in the new car could then be obtained from Apple’s processor supplier TSMC, with the company reportedly already having initial preliminary talks.

The Apple Car should come in a few years

Furthermore, a manufacturing facility is planned in the USA, according to the report. It is a kind of research production. Where prototypes could initially be built. It remains to be seen whether mass production will also take place in the USA later.

In fact, the Taiwanese newspaper assumes that a finished.  Apple Car could roll off the assembly line in 2024 or 2025.
This car will be quite similar to the Tesla models, it said. The newspaper estimates that the information about the Apple Car will be more specific and more numerous in the coming year. Just recently we reported about a personnel change in Apple’s Project Titan. Which is assigned to the Apple Car. Apple’s AI boss personally took over the management of the project.

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