The Apple Watch of the future? | AirPods 3 in the fall?

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Good Morning all! What does the Apple Watch of the future look like? A new patent from Apple gives very interesting prospects here, the question is, do we want that? With AirPods 3, it’s not so much what we want, it’s more about what we get. With that I welcome you to the morning overview – you and I only have to hold out for a few more hours.

The basic parameters of the Apple Watch have hardly changed since its introduction – well, it has become larger and a little more contemporary, but to this day there is neither a round watch nor any other fundamentally new shape. That could change in the future when Apple implements a patent that was last applied for and granted, more on that here in the message from Lukas. The question is: do we want an Apple Watch like this?

The AirPods 3 just come extremely late

Whether you look at the analysts with their forecasts for the launch of the AirPods 3 in March were so wrong, now has to shoot immediately, as requested in the comments, remains an open question, in any case, the AirPods 3 apparently won’t come too soon. In fact, everything is now interpreted on a launch in the fall out, possibly at the keynote at which the iPhone 13 will also be presented. Still, there is Pictures of the alleged AirPods 3.

A meeting from the Apple TV + catalog

Colleague David has taken on one of the recent releases on Apple TV + and discussed it in detail. I wouldn’t watch the film myself, but since you can’t argue about taste and I know that the young singer portrayed in the film also has some fans among you, be with you I recommend the review here.

In short

What else was important

April also offers news in streaming and we are already looking ahead. Netflix is ​​sending some new films and series into the wheel, here you can see the overview about the new releases.

Apple fixed the iCloud shortcuts links.

We had the day before yesterday reported about itthat the iCloud links to shortcuts often no longer work. I am sure some of you are happy to hear that Apple is addressing the issue and solved it.

Apple’s iPhone 12 is just incredibly robust.

Says Apple all in one new video and we say again: Better not toss it on the floor just because it happens to someone in a nice commercial. – not a good idea.

Apple continues to argue out of the monopoly trap.

Apple has not established a monopoly in the App Store, Cupertino claims that it is still stiff and firm. Here you walk every now and then plenty of strange paths, we want to shine.

I wish you a relaxed Friday and a nice weekend.

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