The apps that give you an overview of your finances

The apps that give you an overview of your finances


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Many of us find it difficult and tedious to keep track of our personal finances. But with mobile apps, help is just a push of a button away. Good finance apps in mobile makes it easier, more fun and smarter to keep control of your money.

Almost everyone dreams of having their personal finances under control – to never have an empty account in the days before pay, that bills do not come as a surprise and always know how much money is spent on coffee every month. And deep down, we know that it is not the high incomes, but the low expenditures that make us rich. But it can feel insurmountable to have budgetary discipline, not to mention that no one wants to feel stingy. We want to be able to have a café latte in the morning and treat ourselves to a pair of new shoes without thinking about whether the money will be enough for the rent.

Easy to take control

Fortunately, it has probably never been easier to take control of the private economy than it is now, despite the fact that our income and expenses have probably never been more in history.

We need to keep track of loans and credits, installments, invoices, subscriptions, as well as small expenses such as the candy bag, the snus box or the parking fee. If you were to write down all the purchases on a piece of paper, you would probably have to sit with the pen in your hand all the time, but thanks to modern technology, you do not have to do much yourself today.

To begin with, you should check what aids your bank offers. Banks want customers with control, so many of them offer various forms of service to help you keep track of expenses and income.

Apps make you richer

But there are also special apps that make your financial life easier.

Among the apps that help you keep track of expenses is, for example, Tink, where you connect your credit and debit cards with the app’s functions. Then all your withdrawals and deposits will be registered, categorized and displayed in clear diagrams that show where the money is going.

Another useful finance app is Dreams. It helps you find unnecessary expenses and instead put money over and over on a savings for something you dream of.

Tired of all the crumpled receipts being collected in a box in the hall? With Save the Receipt, you take a picture of the receipt and upload it to the app where it is saved and categorized it automatically. Several store chains are also connected to the Save Receipt and automatically send your receipts to the app if you wish. All you have to do is tell the cashier when you shop. Then you can easily search and find your receipts whenever you want and it is not least practical when you want to complain about something or take advantage of the guarantee.

Check out subscriptions

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of how many subscriptions you have at home. Streaming services, mobile subscriptions, music services and subscriptions are easy to lose control of. The My Services app helps you keep track of everything from mobile subscriptions, electricity bills, gym cards, streaming services, insurance and gadgets you bought in installments. The app also tells you if there are cheaper options on the market and encourages you to switch. You can also easily terminate agreements or switch to cheaper offers directly in the app.

Anyone who wants to give their children a smart idea about finances early, can make sure that they download the Gimi app on their phones. Gimi is aimed at children and young people and provides fun and educational instructions on how to manage your finances in a responsible way.

Children who download the app get features that apply to everything from saving to how to spend and make money. The app can be used by everyone in the family and be a way to administer how, for example, extra money is paid in exchange for various chores that the child can perform.

It no longer has to be boring and difficult to manage your private finances. You do not even have to be able to count yourself. Setting up a budget in your mobile and then following it is a good start.

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