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The battery in the Apple AirTag may be accessible to children

Australian authorities have issued a stern warning to all parents who have an Apple AirTag. There is a risk that children will be able to access the internal battery in the bluetooth tracker.

  • Sharp warning from authorities in Australia
  • Apple says it follows international child safety rules
  • No indication that Apple intends to take any action

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is issuing a warning about the Apple AirTag and the battery.

According to the authority, there is a risk that children may open the AirTag tags and access the internal battery. Then there is the risk that you put the battery in your mouth and swallow.

The ACCC is concerned that the AirTag’s battery compartment could be accessible to young children, and the button battery removed with ease. In addition, the AirTag battery compartment’s lid does not always secure fully on closing, and a distinctive sound plays when an AirTag’s lid is being closed, suggesting the lid is secure when it may not be. Excerpt from the warning from the ACCC

In addition to the fact that the battery cover can be opened when it is completely closed, there is a risk that your AirTag gives the impression that the cover is completely closed when it is not.

Apple is unlikely to make any design changes

Apple believes that the company follows international rules for child safety. Therefore, we can not expect the company to release a new design on AirTag to reduce the risk of the battery cover being opened too easily.

To open the battery cover of an AirTag, the Bluetooth tag must first be held in place, for example, pressed down against a table, and then the cover opened.

To open the door, press the door with two fingers and turn it counterclockwise until it goes out of its groove.
You can then remove the battery and insert a new one when it needs to be replaced.
Easy right?

Maybe a little too simple, says the Australian authority ACCC.

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