The best Christmas spots of 2022

And so this is Christmas… Christmas is back. And like every year, many brands take advantage of it to launch ad hoc communication campaigns. But what are the best Christmas spots of 2022? Here they are!

But how beautiful Christmas , but how beautiful the snow, but how beautiful Santa Claus with the sleigh! Come on today we will show you some Christmas spots that you have not seen (perhaps) and we give you some great ideas for next year.

Winning points always and in any case when it comes to such campaigns:

  • intrigue, be emotional and empathetic;
  • be in line with the brand and the target;
  • put some snow falling / Santa Claus / sweet music / children first sad then happy … and away all loaded!

For all those who find themselves giving gifts at the last, there is Manor!

A cute and well crafted cartoon. But above all it tells one of the dramas of the period: buying exactly the gift requested (by the child on duty). Spoiler : It ends well and clearly Manor knows more than Santa. Going to the department store you will find the gift that I miss Santa and all his collaborators had managed to understand what it was. Christmas saved by Manor , yeah!

The spot embodies exactly one of the situations we have all experienced. Which then, let’s face it, seems like a conspiracy: every year the boy / girl to whom we have to give a Christmas present asks for an unobtainable gift such as “a unicorn in platinum iridium”. And so you, who find yourself as always at the last minute, have to jump through hoops to find it. Manor has thus created a commercial aimed at the “grown-ups”, using the tools of the “little ones”: animation, fairytale, fun. The result was much appreciated: almost two and a half million views on Youtube , in just over a month.

Apple: don’t miss a beat, but watch out for your blood sugar!

First of all, let’s all admit that when the song we love starts, we want to sing and dance in the street. Now I’ll spoil the Christmas commercial , but I’ll explain it to you so that you feel like the protagonist … eye that excites you!

Leave the house with your new Iphone X , your new wireless headphones and off you go. You forget who you are, where you are, where you go and you start twirling in the street feeling like Carla Fracci (even if you risk looking more like the hippo than the Happy Hippo). At some point it happens that you run into someone. Clearly he is beautiful, with a winking gaze and he is a dancer who “Roberto Bolle raised”. Start dancing together on the street, in the snow, twirling and pirouetting in the air and there is complicity, there is pathos, there is ammmore!
Wow, what a thrill, but… the track ends!

This spot is a continuous trepidation, in line with the intent that Apple has also declared in its management of the Instagram account (videos and photos that do not present the products, but convey emotions). The only “Christmas” thing is the snow, so even in this the spot stands out from the usual clichés of the period. The message is that of grasping love when it shows up and for Christmas that’s fine. Curiosity: the two protagonists of the Christmas commercial are husband and wife in reality!

Burger King, you are the cutest!

That is: when the King of Burger King gives McDonald’s a present with a Christmas song. But no, it is not a respite , far from it!

Spoiler : The gift, which is delivered in front of a McDonald’s, is presented with fire and fireworks and the box reads “Now you can even grill on a flame!”. The King and a series of BK salesmen start with the song that more or less reads: “Here is the gift of fire, here is the flame for roasting, we have been using it since 1954 and it is the secret, come on now that you have it you can roast you too! “. From the series “Ah poor you are still heating the burgers on the electric plate, here’s the grill!”.

It’s been a while since this Burger King Vs McDonald’s battle has been getting us used to different twists, but I must say it hasn’t tired me yet. The game is good when it is short, but we are not yet at the limit. Some of you will say “ Brilliant ” and I still don’t feel like saying “ Old ” for this Christmas commercial. Burger King provokes with an intelligent “politically incorrect”, which is exacerbated by the Christmas period … and certainly does not go unnoticed.

John Lewis Department Stores make me feel like a little girl again!

When I was little (the day before yesterday) I read a lot of books about monsters, witches, ghosts and scary things. Maybe that’s why now I don’t even have the courage to see Stranger Things alone. Anyway… one of the ones I remember best was this little book called “ Bad Dreams in the Closet ” by  Mercer Mayer, and the Christmas commercial of the John Lewis department store made me remember it immediately.

I will not spoil this for you, because it is the romance, the sweetness, the ammmmore that you need right now. Yes, it will melt the hearts of even the unlikable Grinches!

I liked it because: the soundtrack is a Beatles cover, the story reminded me of the little book I read as a child and catapulted me into the moment when I was afraid of the dark at night. Christmas is there , but you don’t see “too much”, no clichés and in any case no exaggeration in general. It is a modern fairy tale that allows you to dream, with an educational and stimulating level for the eye of the little ones. To adults, on the other hand, it shows that at Christmas you can go back to being a child once again and the concept of empathy / play is at the highest levels.

Heathrow… but how beautiful are teddy bears!

Maybe last year’s commercial had already excited me, maybe I love this vintage atmosphere and the storytelling, maybe now I like these bears a lot … But in short, even this year the Heathrow Christmas commercial won me over !

The characters are becoming “at home”, they transmit humanity and good vibes to an aseptic place as an airport is usually seen. The “nativity” is limited, but still there is the theme of the family at Christmas , a nice cliché that does not bother. We are faced with a real storytelling operation carried out in an intelligent way: last year’s video, in addition to teaching, has totaled almost six million views on Youtube. Who knows if it will repeat the same success.

Like a candy at Christmas: Motta among the best

This Christmas spot  is a bit like the culmination of Motta’s new path , which began not so long ago with the controversial Buondì advertisement where mom, dad and postman ended up crushed by an asteroid. And let’s face it right away: the clip can easily compete with those of the big brands mentioned so far.

From the song (very catchy!) To the scenes, including actors and messages inside, everything is perfectly calibrated to bring out more than a smile. So much so that on Youtube it has exceeded one million views in just over two weeks from publication. Motta therefore managed to fit into a “different” and original Christmas, such as her positioning compared to her competitors: a “revised” tradition, which makes you want to sing “like a candy at Nataleeee”.

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