The chips are becoming scarce worldwide, except for Apple

The chips are becoming scarce worldwide, except for Apple

The global semiconductor market is more tense than it has been for a long time: chips are becoming scarce and scarce everywhere and there are already signs of delays in products almost everywhere. All over? No not really. Apple is less affected by the effect.

The market for semiconductor products is currently in a tense situation. Global demand exceeds supply and there is no easing in sight. As is so often the case at present, the background to these problems is the corona pandemic. On the one hand, manufacturers produced less at times; on the other hand, the demand for semiconductors, for example for processors or memory chips, has risen again and again over the past year and an end to this development is not in sight. The reason for the strong demand is the exploded worldwide demand for devices for home work, be it computers, cameras or printers.

The entertainment sector is already feeling the effect, as there are already signs of bottlenecks in smart TVs. The situation was exacerbated by various failures in important production facilities that were not caused by Corona, for example triggered by power outages and earthquakes. As a result, large contingents of already committed semiconductor elements were not made available on time.

Apple is currently hardly affected by bottlenecks

Samsung is currently considering skipping this year’s presentation of a new Galaxy Note, Koh Dong-jin, the company’s deputy CEO, announced at a shareholders’ meeting. It cannot be assumed that the crisis is already under control, the manager said. His statement coincides with the forecasts of analysts who see bottlenecks in semiconductors in many sectors throughout the year.
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The automotive industry is also affected, as Continental has repeatedly noted.

And is the iPhone too late? Currently, Apple is probably the big exception, quoted the agency Bloomberg industry experts. Apple has extremely strict deals with its suppliers, especially TSMC. The company secures large parts of the capacities of many of its pavers exclusively well in advance, which makes it less prone to delays in deliveries.
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Indeed, it is conceivable that products from other manufacturers will come onto the market with a significant delay because Apple has already reserved the corresponding capacities for its iPhone 13, the new iMacs and MacBooks, as well as other new products.

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