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The Fall Guys developers are now owned by Epic Games

Fall guys DOOM

Epic Games has now spent some money and bought up the developers behind the successful Fall Guys, however, the amount is unknown.
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It comes more or less as a surprise, that Epic Games has now bought the game studio Mediatonic, which is the gang that developed Fall Guys. Fall Guys quickly became a success for many in the summer of 2020 and looks set to continue to be so now the game is on its way to more platforms.
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How much Epic actually had to pay for Mediatonic is unknown and no figures have been published, but we can probably count on a fairly high amount considering the success that Fall Guys is anyway.

Now the question is what Epic Games has plans for when it comes to Mediatonic or Fall Guys as a game, will the game continue to grow or should you develop something completely new.

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